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A Perfect Boyfriend - characteristics

here, there are 40 characteristics of a perfect boyfriend that I really wish for and now I've found one .

1.Someone who loves me with all their heart.
2. Someone who sacrifices everything for me.
3. Someone who runs towards me when I'm mad.
4. Someone who's gonna kiss me when I'm talking like a jerk.
5. Someone who's gonna say that "Is gonna be okay, I'm here with you."
6. Someone who's gonna hugged me from the back.
7. Someone who's gonna protect me.
8. Someone who's gonna be on the phone late night conversations.
9. Someone who always says "I love you" even though, I'd didn't replied it back.
10. Someone who always hold my hand tightly when everything is not okay.
11. Someone who always wiped my tears away.
12. Someone who never let me alone event though, how busy he was.
13. Someone who always stand by my side.
14. Someone who will be patient with my attitude.
15. Someone who never yells at me.
16. When I walk away, you should run towards me and hugged me from behind and said "Please don't go. Please stay by my side."
17. Someone who always say, "I need you, always."
18. Someone who wrote or text sweet poems.
19. Someone who believes me even though there is a gossip saying that I've got a new boyfriend.
20.Someone who never cheated on me.
21. Someone who never lied to me.
22. Someone who always take care of my heart.
24. Someone who always take good care of me, even if I looked like hell.
25.someone, who always listen to me when I'm trying to explain something when everything got worst between us.
26. someone who kiss me in front of his friend.
27. someone who make me mad and then kiss me.
28. someone who watch my favourite movie with me.
29.someone who write me a letter.
30. someone who let me wear his cloth.
31. someone who always let me know that Im important.
32. someone who will snap alot of photos with me .
33. someone who knows everything about me.
34. someone who tells everyone that Im his girlfie.
35. someone who will make me feel that Im perfect.
36. someone who will learn from his mistake.
37. someone who will noticed all my changes.
38. someone who always give me surprised.
39. someone who call me anytime he wants to .
40. and someone who be my back up .

thats it . and im thankful that my boyfriend is sooo charming . hey FARID ELYMAN ALZAHARI , I love youu so much and theres no word could explain it :)

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